Boekel Slide Moat

$ 2,333.71


The Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer from Boekel Scientific is a winner for FISH and other lab hybridization procedures. With a capacity for 30 standard microscopic slides and excellent temperature stability and uniformity, this high-quality slide moat positions your team for success.

The tempered glass lid seals with an integral gasket on the heating base, and an optional light shield is available for photosensitive reagents.

  • PID temperature controller for easy temperature selection
  • Capacity for 30 standard microscope slides
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and stability
  • 2 year warranty
    Catalog Number: 240000, 240000-2
    Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C to 99°C
    Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
    Heat Up Rate: Ambient to 65°C in 20 minutes
    Slide Capacity: 30- 1" x 3" (three rows of ten)
    Clearance between lid and slide pedestal: 1.0cm (0.48")
    Overall Dimensions W x D x H: 16" x 133⁄4" x 53⁄4"
    Overall Dimensions W x D x H: 40.6cm x 34.9cm x 14.6cm
    Shipping Weight: 10.4kg (23lbs.)
    Electrical: 240000 115VAC 60Hz(UL/CSA)
    240000-2 230VAC 50Hz; CE Marked*
    Note: We strongly recommend using covered and sealed slides for higher temperatures (>37°C) or prolonged periods (> 1 hour) incubations.
    *230V units are supplied with continental European plug.