Boekel Programmable Slide Moat

$ 2,965.97


The Boekel Scientific programmable slide hybridization system offers researchers a compact 12 position Slide Hybridization system capable of performing complex IHC and InSitu Hybridization reactions. The digital microprocessor control offers full programmability of up to three time controlled temperature set points. The precision temperature control and sealed chamber offer the ideal environment for controlled IHC and InSitu Hybridization reactions. The Boekel Scientific Programmable Slide Hybridization system offers greater functionality with a compact footprint that compliments our complete line of Hybridization and Slide Hybridization systems.


    • In situ hybridization
    • All single temperature microscope slide incubation procedures
    • Slide warming and drying
    • Immuno-histochemistry
    • FISH
    • Histology, Hematology

    Catalog Number:

    280001 (115V), 280001-2 (230V)

    Overall Dimensions W x D x H:

    17" x 10" x 4"

    Slide Capacity:

    12 slides

    Temperature Range:

    Ambient +5°C to 100°C


    Typically ± 0.2°C

    Heat Up Rate:

    17" x 10" x 4"

    Shipping Dimensions W x D x H:

    22" x 22" x 12"

    Shipping Weight:

    14 lbs


    280001 (115V) 280001-2 (230V)