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3 Gallon Formalin Recycling System

By Creative Waste Soultions
3 Gallon Formalin Recycling System

$ 4,200.00

Formalin Recycling Systems


**Shipping Included (Continental United States only)**

The purpose of the Formalin Recycling System (FRS) is to recycle formalin without removing the buffered salts or altering the formalin concentration. Simply pour in dirty 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin in the top and get back clean recycled 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin at the same volume, concentration and pH at the bottom of the Formalin Recycling System.

  • Are guaranteed to save your lab money, time, energy, and effort all while helping your community's environment.
  • Are safe, simple, and easy to use, all while requiring very little lab space.
  • Run on gravity, can be used anywhere, no electricity or heating of formalin required.
  • Are customizable to meet your specific lab needs.
  • Also recycles alcoholic and zinc formalin.
  • Recycle dirty formalin with no capital outlay.
  • Recycled product is the same concentration, pH, and volume of formalin recycled through the system.
  • Sizes:  3 Gallon - 22"x22"x55"